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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big Dreams, people!

Aagh! Planning for Ella's birthday party is confiscating my life! I'm constantly on Pinterest or various blogs looking for ideas and recipes and decor inspiration for this "All-Pink and Purple and Sparkly Ultimate Princess Party." Work is the worst too! (I work at Michaels. Oy, right?) When I leave my frame shop bubble to help a customer, I can't but shop on the way back to my shop. Sigh. As much fun as I'm having planning for this, I'll be glad when it's over! Until then, here are some things I picked up today: (*Squee*)

Of course, the ones I bought are pink and purple:)

As much as I enjoy my job and the people I work with, I'm really looking forward to the end of March when I go back to part time and continue with school. The hubby will be back to work, but I'll be able to see the kids a lot more<3.

Finished up Mr.King's book and really enjoyed it. He shone an interesting perspective on writing and it definitely helped to fuel some inspiration, as I've edited a short story I wrote and never published and am currently looking for magazines that suit it. I'm also editing my next completed novel and aim to have it ready to shop around before I go back to school! Big dreams, people!

I also needed some romance in my life and picked up an Austen that I've been meaning to read: Persuasion. Just started it, but already enjoying it.

I've also spent the last 5 months trying to find a tattoo shop with an female artist whose work is similar to the style I'm looking for and FINALLY have a consultation this week! So excited for that appointment!!!

Allright, time for a hot bath and glass of wine!
Night, yo!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Princess Party So Far...

So Ella and I are having a blast planning her Princess Party:)

Here are her invites we finished designing and printing today:

And it's super fun to think up a menu based around this princess theme. (I'm excited to try the cookie recipe I discovered based on the triplet's treats from Brave!)

Having fun,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Reading Fun!

Ah, a new year. How's yours going?
Mine is so far full of busy days at work, gently getting back in shape for derby season, and now planning Ella's All-Pink, All-Princess 5th birthday party. (Which is actually super-fun to do:)

I'm trying to read books I keep putting off before buying new ones (HA!) so I'm finally reading Stephen King's On Writing. I'm about halfway through it and really enjoying it. His anecdotes and memories are fun and well-written, and the portion so far that discusses the craft itself is helpful. He is blunt and opinionated and it makes for an informative and enjoyable read. So far.

Before that, I ripped through an unread Jodi Picoult I found on my shelf. It was okay, but not one of my faves of hers.

And my memory is so awesome that I can't remember what I read before that and since I last posted about what I was reading. My brain is awesome.

And the most exciting thing to happen to me this past week was doing my daughter's homework with her. On Friday she brought home her new assignment: Home Reading! I'm not sure who was more excited. And we sat down and she read me a book. It was freakin' awesome:D

Hope this week brings you many joys!

Peace Out,

Friday, January 3, 2014


So I had insomnia last night and ended up staying awake far past my bedtime. I've spent the last few days invoking The Writer Gods through a relaxing puzzle.
I've been wanting to do this puzzle for years and get it mounted and up on the wall of my library. Thankfully I'm a framer that has access to a drymount machine, hooray!
And hopefully by spending many, many hours with this thing, I've absorbed some of the brilliance and inspiration of these masters. (Here's hoping!)

Peace out,