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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day One in the Bag

So as like every November for the past decade or so, I participate in the "ain't nobody got time for that" writing competition, NaNoWriMo. For anyone who doesn't know of it, it is a crazy-fun, worldwide writing incentive with a goal to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Some people use it to help get even a few thousand words onto a page, others just barely slide into the 50,000 word winners seat, others still will devote a month and go hardcore, producing a manuscript over 100,000 words in less than a month.
And the competition has evolved from a fledgling group of people in San Francisco nudging people online to get writing, to a well-funded organization with major prize sponsors and author celebrities writing inspirational blog posts urging on participants. I remember when the 50,000 words was the prize, and now there are publishing and book prizes out the wazoo for writers who can do the deed.
My friends and I always have a mini competition between us, as well. Between the three of us, whoever writes the least amount of words has to buy dinner for the other two. Plus, this year, one of my friends' sister is joining in and she has waaaay more time on her hands, so the ante is really up;)
Yesterday was day one and it went well - I was able to hit my personal goal of 1800 words. Aside from spending the last couple weeks preparing an outline, I also printed and put up a bunch of fun inspirational quotes to keep me motivated. (Yesterday's was the one on the right there:)
More importantly, this month is going to be about me. I've had a hard time staying positive, as writing is part of me, and anyone is going to be unhappy when they aren't doing what they are meant to be doing. So rather than approaching NaNo as something I don't have time for, I'm approaching it as something I'm making time for. Making time for my happiness.
It's about time:)
P.S. If you are battling the NaNo this year, add me as a Writing Buddy! I'm on the site under my maiden name - user KellyChristian. See you on the writing trail!