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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Today the hubby looked at me in the fabulous Gryffindor shirt my friend brought me back from Harry Potter World and said he's gonna add a 'k' onto the end. I'm currently plotting revenge, and ideas are welcome:)
Along the lines of my splendid nerdiness, thought I would talk books.

Totally loved the short story collection by Juliet Marillier that I picked up. Not only does she do her own take on classics like Rapunzel and King Arthur, but there is a nice longish short story from Sevenwaters. I wish it were longer!
The title story as well is lovely:)

The next book on my TBR pile was Cress! *squee* Super enjoying it. And I was pumped to look at the back and see that there is a fourth book in the series planned. Will mean more waiting, but more story:) So far, the story is continuing well and the new character of Cress is intriguing;)

I also picked up a few books at Walmart, Amazon, and Goodwill (and was given one:) that are now balancing precariously on my ever-growing TBR pile:


I'm super excited about these!! And I'll keep you updated on how they are:)

Peace out,