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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Whoa. How have more than 2 months passed since I wrote on my blog?! I mean, I'm flabbergasted. Seriously.
So let's backtrack:

NaNoWriMo finished up without fanfare, I'm afraid. I only hit 31,007 words, as I stalled a bit once
my characters started doing things I didn't expect. This has certainly happened before with stories, but I was on a strict outline to meet my 50K and didn't allow myself the luxury of changing lanes on that. As a result, I let my MC run away with things to see where she would go, and I'm finding it very interesting. Unfortunately, exploring that went slowly, and I missed my goal. Ah, well. At least I didn't have the lowest word count among my trio, so I was treated to a lovely sushi dinner with my BFF's. Thanks, Shereney<3 And a massive congrats to my girl Chris, on surpassing 50K for the first time! You go, girl!

December brought a few things, including the usual craziness of Christmas and illnesses that bombard our house every year. Before that, though, we celebrated my son's 8th(!!!) birthday. He and his friends had a great time, I think. We had a party at the movie theater, where the kids got to play video games on the big screen. They took turns playing the game and running around the theater. Evan also asked for the chocolate-iest chocolatey chocolate cupcakes so I baked him chocolate-chip ones, filled with chocolate mouse, topped with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. They were diabetes-inducing:) He also asked for donations instead of gifts for the 3rd year, and raised almost $300 for the Edmonton Humane Society. Was an awesome day!

I also had the opportunity to take my daughter to her first ballet! It was so much fun - she was super excited! We went with my Mom, so it was three generations of lovely ladies in our family. We saw the Nutcracker, and Ella just loved it. And the Alberta Ballet put on an incredible show, while the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra played beautifully.

We were very fortunate to have a plentiful holiday, with many gifts, friends, and family. Last years Christmas felt like it slipped right by, and I didn't want that again - I love Christmas! So this year we decorated loads, had gifts under the tree to tantalize the kids, and planned a big family dinner with my husband's family. It was a lovely few weeks:) What sucked was catching everyone's germs. I ended up with Strep throat, my sister-in-law got pneumonia, and the hubby's uncle caught some terrible flu/cold thing. Ah, the holidays.

I will leave you there for now, as 2015 is already bringing exciting things, and I don't want to bore you with a massive post;)