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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer 2017 Star Trek Marathon

Happy Summer, everyone!

It began last summer, with Evan and I going through the Marvel movies in chronological order, but we only got about halfway. This summer, we wanted something Ella would enjoy too. So the three of us have begun the original Star Trek series, watching an episode every day or two as a reward for doing some schoolwork, etc. It's been fantastic!

As we are doing this, we are finding that almost every episode has a goofy expression on someone, or a ridiculous movement - something that makes us rewind and play that part again, sometimes a few times!! I've decided to compile these as we go along, so we have something to look back on and laugh as we remember :-)

Enjoy the awesomeness of the sixties!

The first episode actually plays twice through the Netflix compilation of episodes, (with the pilot, and the Managerie episodes) so we got to enjoy our favorites again!!

We enjoyed calling these guys 'buttheads' everytime we saw them from behind. I know, ace parenting.
This one is probably our all-time favorite. We watched it again and again and cannot make heads or tails of her expression. Ella rolled around on the ground laughing every time!

In the Charlie X episode, we enjoy a lot of laughs, as he did his 'curse face' often. So fantastic :)
Clearly someone agrees, as they make this awesome gif set.

This was an extra gem in the Charlie X episode.
We actually don't find Swashbuckling Sulu ridiculous at all. It's too epic. I had to include it for it's sheer awesomeness. We think Funko needs to make a Pop figure.
Kirk's evil doppelganger provided some great laughter for us.

And this is pre-Khan, too. 

We watched this one last night, and had to rewind and play a few times when the Romulan commander hit self-destruct. Pretty fantastic.

There is still one scene I'm trying to track down from one of the episodes we watched, and will post it if I can locate a shot of it. In the meantime, stay tuned for more!


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